I-lipo & Weight Loss

I-LIPO, Super Results by Powerful Technology

Lose Inches in Only 10 Minutes!

  • The I-LIPO is the latest in laser lipolysis offering body contouring & inch loss with no needles, and no downtime.
  • The most intelligent alternative to liposuction.
  • Non-surgical medical technology using laser diode for fat reduction, body shaping, cellulite & skin tightening.
  • Average circumferential reduction of 1-5 inches in just 10 minutes!
  • Target unwanted fat in different body areas in 1 visit with I-lipo (8 pads).

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We Are Proud Of That We Own Only One I-Lipo (8 Pads) Unit In Winnipeg, Manitoba!

How does i-lipo work?
The i-lipo uses a low level of visible red laser light to stimulate the body’s natural processes that empty stored fat inside fat cells.

The laser light gently absorbs into the individual fat cells in the treatment area, temporarily opening pores in the cell wall through which the cell contents can escape. This does not affect the neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. The contents of the fat cell are collected by the lymphatic system and transported to areas of the body where they can be metabolized into energy during exercise. This metabolism of the contents permanently removes them from the body leaving smaller fat cells and giving you inch loss.

How many treatments will I need?
For maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended per body area. These treatments should be taken twice per week at regular intervals.
Which areas of the body can be treated?
The i-lipo treatment can be performed on calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and chin. The i-lipo is a multi-pad system that makes treatment fast and efficient. Typical treatment time is 10 minutes per session.
What inch loss could I achieve from this treatment?

This will vary from person to person depending on your size, diet management and sessions of treatment.  Results will be greatly improved by your commitment to the treatment.  A healthy diet must be adhered to and an exercise program is important to follow to enable the released fat to be used up as energy.  This should be done the same day as your i-lipo treatment. Average circumferential reduction of 1-5 inches in just 10 minutes.

Does it hurt?
The i-lipo is a low level cold laser and most people feel very little when it is used on them. The i-lipo is a comfortable relaxing treatment and the typical sensation felt is just slight warmth where the pads are in contact with your skin.
Is it suitable for men and women?
The i-lipo treatment works equally well for both, but is not recommended for use on pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, cancer patients, or patients with unstable medical conditions.
Can anyone have the treatment?
As with most treatments in your clinic, there are a few medical conditions that may not be suitable for use of this treatment. Your i-lipo therapist will go through a full health and medical questionnaire with you before your first treatment to ensure you are a suitable candidate. This will also include a detailed description of the treatment and time for any questions you may have.
How long will the results last?
Booster treatments are not necessarily needed with the i-lipo, as long as your weight, diet, regular bowel movements (2-3 times daily), and exercise are maintained. One treatment performed now and again is a good incentive to keep you in control.
What should I do before and after i-lipo treatment?
You will achieve the best treatment results if you do not eat or drink anything other than water for 2 hours before and 2 hours after treatment. For example, if your treatment appointment is 9 am, that means you don’t eat anything between 7am-11am. We encourage drinking more water daily to help body fluid circulation and detoxification. Maintaining regular bowel movements 2-3 times daily is very important.
What kind of exercise should I do after each i-lipo treatment?
Typically 20-30 minutes of cardio exercise is a good way to increase blood and lymph fluid circulation. You may use a stationary bicycle, treadmill, or go for a brisk walk, etc. on that day right after treatment.
Do I need to combine cupping and acupuncture treatment with i-lipo?
We recommend and encourage having cupping and an ear acupuncture treatment right after i-lipo treatment, because cupping therapy supplies pressure to squeeze more fluid out of the pores of fat cells targeted by i-lipo. Ear acupuncture helps to re-balance the body, adjust the digestive system, control cravings and relieve stress.
Do Traditional Chinese herb products help weight control with i-lipo?
Yes, Traditional Chinese herb products are natural, safe, and effective. They help treat some medical conditions, increase energy, maintain regular bowel movements 2-3 times a day, remove fluid retention, and maintain good health. With i-lipo, we will not just provide you with weight loss, and an improved body shape, but also offer you improved health and increased confidence.
Is a balanced healthy diet very important for i-lipo treatment?
Yes, a balanced healthy diet is not just important for achieving the best results from the i-lipo treatments, but is also necessary to maintain weight control results and good health.

During treatment, we recommend you incorporate some herb products such as Chia seeds and flax seeds into your diet to help achieve the best long term benefits. At Youtube.com you can find recipes for foods that include Chia seeds and flax seeds. From published books and magazines or the Internet you can find suitable healthy diet menus for maintenance. Or consult Dr Huang for advice.

Do we offer group shopping discount?
Yes, we do offer group shopping discount, we are pleased to help more people enjoy this powerful and safe unit. Group shopping discount: 2 persons-11% ; 3 persons-12% ; 4 persons-13%; 5 persons-14%; 6 persons and more-15% discount on each person’s total cost.
Do Gym members have any extra discount from i-lipo treatment?

Yes, we are glad to offer extra 5% discount to gym members to help them achieve best body shape, to remove the fat which is hard to remove by exercises. Any gym members with gym ID will automatically receive 5% discount from the cost of i-lipo treatment. Fitness centers include: Shapes, Goodlife, Snap, Anytime, YMCA, Uof M, and more.

Do you offer acupuncture receipt for i-lipo treatment?

Because our i-lipo combo treatment includes acupuncture therapy, of course we offer acupuncture part receipt (max $75/session) to customs for purpose of insurance coverage or income tax claim.

Do you have any financial aid?

Yes, we do supply financial solutions to persons who cannot afford one payment of whole treatment. Our financing aid is no down payment, no interests up to 6 months. Clients can choose credit card monthly or biweekly payment which they feel comfortable.