Successful Cases

Case 1. Swelling of legs, Lower back Pain

 1st visit, Feb 25/2002. Mrs. T. has been suffering from leg swelling for 40 years, lower back and buttocks pain for 3 years. She is obesity 250 lb. she c/o of legs and ankles stiffness, specifically in the morning. She is also suffering from diabetes and hypertension which are controlled by medication. Red tongue with white thin coating, soft slippery pulse.

Treatment rule: remove body fluid retention and dampness, enhance spleen function.

Acupuncture treatment: zhongwan, shuifeng, tianshu, qihai, guanyuan, shuidao, yinlingquan, zusanli, fenglong, samyinjiao, taixi.

2nd visit, Feb 28/2002. Patient stated she felt more flexible of the body movement, lower back pain on right side was still bother her, legs swelling were decreasing. Same tongue and pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: shensu, pisu, pangguang, huantiao, zhibian, weizhong, samyinjiao, kunlun. TDP on right buttock and lower back area.

3rd visit, March 4/2002. Patient claimed her lower back and buttock pain is getting much better, she lost 5 lb after three times treatment. She was very happy.

5th visit, March 10/2002 Patient felt everything was fine. She lost 10 lb weight with decreasing appetite, good energy, sleeping is getting much better without dreaming she used to be. Keep working on loss weight.

Acupuncture treatment: 1st visit and 2nd visit points alternated every time.

Case 2. Tension Headache 19 years, Shoulder and Neck pain 10 years
1st visit: Dec 12/2003. Mrs. N, has suffering from constant headache which occurred in forehead, eye bones, temples, occipitals, neck for 19 years, bilateral shoulders and upper back pain 10 years. Patient has been on painkiller over twenty 20 years to maintain daily life and job. Patient complained her pain was getting aggravated by angry, depression and menstruation, but heat and rest would help her pain management. Meanwhile patient also complained the suffering of drowsy, bed temper, restless, menstruation cramping, insomnia, dry mouth, thirsty, dark yellow urine, constipation, heavy bleeding with black clots during period. Patient likes cold water. Patient tried many different remedies such as physiotherapy, chiropractor, homeopathy, acupuncture, deep tissue massage etc, but all of them just gave her temporally relief.

Ex: tenderness on temples, forehead, eye bones, neck, UFT, MFT muscle. Normal ROM of head, neck, and shoulders. Red tongue with thin coating, deep wiry pulse on right side, soft and slippery pulse on left side.

Acupuncture treatment: taiyang, yuyao, yangbai, baihui, fengchi, anmian, dingchuan, jianjing, quyuan, bingfeng, jianzhongshu, jianwaishu, tianzhong, quchi, hegu, wangu.

Chinese herb product: shen-jing-shuai-yu-yang-xin-wan; long-dan-xie-gan-wan; jia-wei-xiao-yao-wan.

TDP cupping massage on back and shoulder.

Blood letting therapy on temples bilateral, draw blood 5ml each side.

2nd visit, Dec 3/2003. Patient felt getting better after yesterday treatment.

Acupuncture treatment: same as first visit, plus TDP, cupping, and massage.

3rd visit, Dec7/2003. Patient stated her head ache was almost gone, but complained more pain on left shoulder, neck, and back.

Acupuncture treatment: same as first visit, plus TDP, cupping, and massage.

Bloodletting therapy on trigger point: jianwaishu (left) , took blood 5ml with cupping.

4th visit, Dec10/2003. Patient claimed her shoulder pain was getting better, only left upper back pain exsited closing to T1,T2. Decreasing wiry pulse on right side.

Acupuncture: jianjing, jianzhongshu, jianwaishu, dashu, tianliao, quyuan, weizhong, shenmai, jinggu.

Bloodletting therapy: trigger point, left Dashu, took blood 5 ml.

Chinese herb: zheng-tian-wan.

5th visit, Dec 17/03. Patient stated her headache and shoulder back pain was getting much better, good sleeping, no cramping during current period, no dry mouth, bowel movement was regular. No any painkillers since starting treatment.

6th – 9th visit, Dec21/03 – Feb 21/04. Patient stated she did not have any pain on the body, treatment was only for maintaining result and to fix other health problems. Patient was very peaceful, vigorous and happy.

Case 3. Sciatic Nerve Pain and Piriformis Muscle pain, Headache
1st visit, March 3/2004. Mrs. D, has been suffering from Sciatic Nerve Pain and Piriformis Muscle pain for 2 years, and also headache over three years.

Patient complained she had pain, numbness, tingling all on her right side. And also she has headache almost everyday since Dec. 2003 since she accepted radiation therapy for her brain tumor. She tried physiotherapy, chiropractor etc. to help her, but nothing worked well. Red tongue with yellowish thin coating, thin wiry pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: fengchi, dingchuan, bailao, bingfeng, quyuan, right zhibian, huantiao, weizhong, sanyinjiao, taixi.

Chinese herbs: long-dan-xi-gan-wan 8#, tid; Chinese herb spray on pain area as often as needed.

2nd-3rd visit, March6-8/2004 Patient claimed her head and right side hip and leg pain were getting better. Keep the same treatment as 1st visit.

4th-5th visit, March 10- 13 /2004. Patient was happy, she claimed her right side pain was getting much better, but her headache was slightly worse due to Yoga exercise one day before.

Acupuncture treatment: same as before.

Chinese herbs: zheng-tian-wan 1 pack/day.

6th visit, March 16, 2004. Patient stated her headache was much better, just a little bit tight feeling on her neck and shoulder. she complained thirsty at night during sleeping, and get up two times for urine. Her pulse was getting soft.

Acupuncture treatment: fengchi, taiyang, daling, fenglong, touwei, fuyang, tianzhu, hegu, weizhong, jing7jiaji, xiong1-2jiaji.

Chinese herbs: jiangtangcha one pack/day; zhibodihuangwan 30#, bid. To relieve thirsty and clear away heat inside of body.

7th visit, March 21,2004. Patient was very happy because her right hip and leg pain were almost gone, not any headache over one week without any medicine; she claimed that has never been happened since 2003. Her thirsty was getting better, only get up one time at night, her sleeping was solid and felt more and more energy. She had a red tongue with some purple color hide in it, white thin coating, soft and slippery pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: fengchi, dingchuan, tianliao, bingfeng, huantiao, ashi, weizhong, fuliu, sanyinjiao, taixi.

Case 4. Sciatic Nerve Pain
1st visit: Nov 11/2002. Mrs. P, 81y. Patient had been suffering from sciatic nerve pain on both sides for 8 weeks; she was taking Advel 4#/day to manage her pain. She also ever tried physiotherapist and chiropractor but didn’t work.

Ex: tenderness on both buttocks and hamstrings, cuff muscles. Right side pain 8-9/10, Left side pain 10/10. Patient liked warmth, no dry mouth. Cracking tongue with thick yellowish coating, slippery pulse.

Dx: Heat-damp factors attack muscles and meridians, blood and Qi were blocked which causes pain.

Tx: Clear away heat and damp, promote blood and qi flow movement.

Acupuncture: zhibian, huantiao, fengshi, yinmen, weizhong, chengshan, kunlun, shenmai, jinggu, taichong.

Chinese herbs: Chinese herb spray for pain as often as needed; long-dan-xie-gan wan, zhuang-gu-guan-jie- wan.

TDP accompanied with acupuncture treatment for 20 min.

Cupping 5 min on zhibian, huantiao, and weizhong, after acupuncture treatment.

Massage on both sides for 5 min to loose tight muscle after cupping.

Nov 23/02, 2nd visit: Patient claimed her pain was getting much better, dressing, up and down stairs were getting very easier. R and L pain on buttock was 3-4/10, Red tongue with thin white fur, soft slippery pulse.

Treatment: the same as 1st visit.

Jan 6/03, 3rd visit: no pain at all. Good energy, red tonge with thin white fur, soft slippery pulse.

Treatment: acupuncture points were the same as 1st visit.

Chinese herbs: zhi-bai-di-huang-wan, jian-bu-zhuang-gu-wan to enhance kidney functions and prevent recurrence of pain.

Case 5. Depression
1st visit, Feb 14, 2004. Mr J. Patient has been suffering from depression over 5 years. He is on Effexor 3x75mg. Currently patient felt tired all day long, no interesting to any thing, sleepless, lost concentration. No dry mouth. Red tongue with thick yellowish coating, strong slippery pulse. He is smoker, 1 package a day for 20 years.

Dx: Heat-damp hide in liver and heart meridian, block qi’s movement.

Treatment: acupuncture: danzhong, guanyuan, shenmeng, neiguan, yinlingquan, fenglong, sanyinjiao, and shangqiu. Twice a week.

Chinese herbs: long-dan-xie-gan-wan, zheng-zhu-an-shen-yang-xin-wan.

2nd visit, Feb 16/04. Patient claimed he is feeling better, more energy, better sleeping and more concentration and interesting.

3rd visit, Feb 21/04. Patient stated he is getting much better, he was very happy. For maintaining results, keep treatment once a week for another 10 visits.

Case 6. Crohn's disease and Breast pain
1st visit, Feb 22/04.Miss L, has been suffering from Crohn’s disease for 10 years, breasts pain, knee and back pain, menstruation cramping 5 years. Patient c/o of increased stomach pain with bloating, gas, diarrhea (3 times/day), and pain in breasts, knees and lower back , sleepless, dry mouth over 3 weeks. Patient has sharp pain in breasts, abdominal cramping, increased before and during period of menstruation. Patient likes to drink cold water, red tongue with thin fur, weak slippery pause, weaker at Ci position. Patient claimed heat modality helps releasing pain.

1) Acupuncture: yutang, danzhong, qimen, riyue, tianshu, qihai, hegu, zusanli, yilingquan, sanyinjiao, gongsun, xiehai.

2) Chinese herbs: pain spray for knee and lower back, jian-pi-wan 8#/time, 3 times daily; xiao-zheng-pian 4#/time, 3 times daily.

2nd visit, Feb 24/04. After last treatment, patient claimed her stomach pain and bloating has been getting better, knees and lower back pain are getting better too, no change of diarrhea and breast pain. Patient mentioned her period was coming within 2 days.

Treatment: acupuncture: zhongwan, shuifeng, tianshu, qihai, guanyuan, zigong, yinlingquan, fenglong, sanyinjiao, dadu, zulinqi. Stop herbs due to unreasonable allergic reaction happened on her skin.

Feb 28/06 Patient was very happy due to after last treatment, her stomach pain, breasts pain and her menstruation cramping were disappeared which were never happened in her life. The bowel movement is getting much better, no gas and bloating, formed stool, more energy, good sleeping. Slight soreness on knees and lower back.

March 3/04, patient claimed that every thing is fine, maintaining treatment using same points.

March 3-16/04, once a week acupuncture for maintaining treatment.

Case 7. Anaphylaxis (Allergy), Chronic Sinus
1st visit, Feb3/04. Miss B. She has been suffering from allergy to cold air, dust, small animals, perfume, etc. for 4 years and sinus for 2 years. With allergy onset, patient felt congestion of chest, sneeze, headache, and shortness of breath. Patient always feels tired, takes antihistamine everyday. Currently, patient complained difficult breath, nose blockage, chest fullness , drowsy, no dry mouth, no coughing, light yellow urine, regular bowel movement. Red tongue with yellowish coating, weak and small slippery pulse.

AcupunctureTreatment: yingxiang, yingtang, shangxing, tiantu, huagai, danzhong, hegu, lieque, ceze, fenglong, sanyinjiao, yinlingquan.

Chinese medicine: gao-xiao-bi-ming-gan-wan, yang-yin-qing-fei-wan.

2nd visit, Feb 6/04. Patient felt a little bit better of breath and fullness of chest. No obvious changes of tongue and pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: same as the 1st time.

5th visit, Feb 17/04. Patient claimed her condition was getting much better, no chest congestion and shortness of breath, less allergic reaction to perfume, and it was able to be quickly released. Patient was very happy with all positive improvement. Patient required treatment to lose weight and keep treatment on sinus.

Acupuncture treatment: shangxing, yintang, zhigong, danzhong, shangwan, shuifeng, shuidao, guanyuan and qihai, fenglong, yinlingquan, sanyinjiao.

Chinese medicine was stopped due to patient did not like the smells from herb tablets.

10th visit, March 7/04. Patient claimed allergies were almost disappearing, only left running nose with clear liquid , no headache, no chest fullness.

Acupuncture treatment: baihui, shangxing, xingmen, yintang, yingxiang, hegu, shangwan, shuifeng, shuidao, qihai, guanyuan, zusanli, fenglong, yinlingquan, taicong.

14th visit, March 20/04. Patient felt much better. No blockage of nose, no running nose, no allergic to perfume, no chest congestion, no headache, good energy.

Treatment: the same points as the 10th visit. TDP on stomach and knees area.

Case 8. Acute hands pain, right shoulder pain, feet pain, chronic headache, cramping, and depression
1st visit, march18/2002. Miss J, 29, has been suffering from constant headache 1 year, hand pain between 1st and 2nd carp tarsal bone bilateral sides (adductor pollicis brevis and flexor pollicis brevis muscles), as well as both feet arch’s pain for 10 days, right shoulder and neck pain for 3 hours, and menstruation cramping for 10 years. Patient stated heat modality helps relieving pain a little bit, menstruation or angry will make headache worse. Patient has dark yellow urine, insomnia and very lower energy, patient likes to drink cold water. Red tongue with thin yellowish coating, soft slippery pulse.

Differentiation of symptoms and signs: heat-damp blocks several meridians, qi and blood flow moves slowly.

Treatment rule: clear away heat-damp from body, regulate qi and blood movement.

Acupuncture: fengchi, anmian, hegu, yangchi, waiguan, taiyang, jianyu, zhongfu, jugu, gongsun, rangu.

TDP on shoulder area.

Chinese herb products: long-dan-xie-gan-wan, 8#, tid; zheng-gu-shui spray on pain area as often as needed.

Cupping on shoulder area for 5 min.

Massage on shoulder area for 5 min after cupping and acupuncture.

2nd visit, March 21/2002. Patient claimed that she could not believe her pain were gone only by one time treatment.” that is just incredible, magic!” Patient was very happy with the result. she wanted to maintain treatment and more work on her depression.

Acupuncture treatment: shenmen, neiguan, guanyuan, danzhong, zusanli, fenglong, shangqiu, taichong.

Case 9. Forehead Headache
1st visit, April 27/2004. Mr K, 40 years old. Patient has been suffering from forehead headache for 6 months, constant throbbing pain made patient crazy, and upset. Patient also suffered from type I diabetes since he was 8 years old and renal failure syndrome 5 years. Patient was taking morphine to manage pain in hospital, but the pain was not completely controlled. Patient also complained insomnia, drowsy, constipation.

Acupuncture treatment: zusanli, yanglingquan, fenglong.

Bloodletting therapy: forehead swelling vein, took blood 10 ml each side.

2nd visit, April 29/2004. Patient was very happy due to headache was completely disappeared by 1st treatment; patient stopped taking morphine, and had solid sleeping.

Follow up 2 years, patient was still in hospital for other health problems, but headache was never come back since first time treatment.

Case 10. Eczema
1st visit, May 3/2003. Mr O, 12 years old, had been suffering from eczema for 7 years, recently it was getting worse and worse. Damaged skin was over neck, chest, whole back, groins, elbows, knees, and feet. Patient felt very itching, burning; he could not take showering and bathing due to irritated pain by water temperature changes. His mother worried his condition very much, complained the skin specialist just gave him creams, but did not work, and even the condition was getting worse and worse. Patient had constipation, dark yellow urine, fresh red tongue with thick yellowish coating, soft and slippery pulse.

Diagnosis for TCM: heat-damp invaded into skin and blood vessel, damaged skin.

Treatment rule: clear away heat and dispel dame, cool down blood, remove toxins from body.

Acupuncture treatment:waiguan, quchi, hegu, dazhui, taichong.

Chinese herb tea for drinking: huang-lian, huang-qing, shi-gao, zhu-ye, sheng-di, dan-pi, da-huang, dang-gui, huang-bo, jing-yin-huang, lian-qiao, chan-yi, fang-feng, sheng-gan-cao, 3 times a day.

Chinese herb tea for washing body: huang-bo, dan-pi, di-fu-zi, bai-xuan-pi, da-huang, shi-gao, mang-xiao, ku-sheng, bai-ji-li, 3 times a day.

2nd visit, May 5/2003. Patient felt itching and burning has been decreased greatly, there were scars formed on the damaged skin. Patient got easy bowel movement, little loose stool. Decreased yellowish tongue coating. Keep treatment as before.

3rd visit, May12/2003. Patient felt much better. He could get good sleep without itching or burning sensation. Scar dropped off, fresh new skin appeared; only some pain and scar left behind knees. Exam: there was some pus behind scar which indicated some inflammation existed. Patient was suggested to see his family doctor to get some antibiotics.Treatment: the same as before.

Follow up until today, patient was recovered from eczema.

Case 11. Eczema, stress, upper back pain
1st visit, Sep 01/2004. Mr. H, had been suffering from hands and feet eczema over 2 years, tried homoeopathy for 4 months. Currently, hands and fingers on dorsal side had skin lesion, patches of redness, scaling, lots of small blisters oozing fluid, very itching, burning sensations. Patient also complained stress job and lots of pain on his right upper back area. Patient had dark yellow urine, constipation (bowel movement once every 2-3 days), and insomnia with waking up easily at night. Patient had red tongue with yellowish greasy coating, strong slippery pulse.

Diagnosis: heat damp invading skin and muscle due to depression and improper life style.

Acupuncture treatment: quchi, waiguan, xuehai, yinlingquan, fenglong, taixi, taichong, dazhui, a’shi points on right back.

Bloodletting therapy: hand local area swelling vein, took blood 5 ml each hand.

Chinese herb product: fang-feng-tong-shen-san 20#/tid, pi-yan-ping-ruan-gao, external use, 2-3 times/day.

Chinese herb tea for dringking: huangbo, kusheng, difuzi, sezhuangzi, zhimu, danggui, chishao, shengdi, danpi, baixuanpi, fuling, zexie, changshu, shengyiren, gancao.

After several treatments, patient felt much better, significant decreasing itching, broken skin was starting to be healing, his back pain was getting much better.

4th visit, Sept13/2004. hands itching, burning comes and goes, decreased yellowish tongue coating, back pain was better.

Acupuncture treatment: same as before.Chinese medicine for soaking hands: luo-fen-fang, bai-xuan-pi, huang-bo, wu-bei-zi, bai-fan, ku-shen, di-fu-zi, se-chuang-zi.

Chinese herb products: long-dan-xie-gan-wan, 8#, tid; zhi-bo-di-huang-wan, 30#, bid, te-xiao-shi-zheng-wan, 5#, tid.

Chinese herb tea for drinking: huang-bo, zhi-mu, mu-tong, shi-gao, chang-shu, ku-sheng, sheng-di, dang-gui, chi-shao, dan-pi, can-tui, niu-pang-zi, di-fu-zi, fu-ling, ze-xie, he-shou-wu.

25 visits, Jan11/2004. Patient was happy, both hands had been 100% recovered, no longer itching and burning, skin lesion was healed, and the color became normal. No pain on the back, stress was getting much better.

Case 12. 2 years menopause, hot plashes
1st visit, Nov 10/2003. Mrs. O, has been suffering menopause for 2 years, recently was getting worse and worse with numerous hot flashes a day, sweating, insomnia, and indigestion, sluggish, leg tingling, and whole body sore muscles. Patient had pale tongue proper with teeth print around tongue edge, thin white coating, soft and weak pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: shenmeng, neiguan, hegu, zhongwan, guanyuan, qihai, zusanli, yinlingquan, xuehai, sanyinjiao, taiyi.

Chinese herb products: an-sheng-bu-nao-wan, jian-pi-wan, wu-ji-bai-feng-wan.

2nd visit, Nov 13/2003. Patient stated her symptoms had been settled down greatly, she was very happy, she had very sound sleeping, just like a baby and her energy was getting much better.

Acupuncture treatment: keep the same treatment as first visit.

10th visit, Dec 9/2003. Patient claimed her hot flashes onset only 2-3 times a day, very mild, no sweating, good energy, good digestion.Treatment: some Chinese herbs for maintaining the results.

Case 13. 15 Years Menopause
1st visit, April 26, 2002, Mrs M, has been suffering from menopause for 15 years. She tried hormone replacement therapy, homeopathy, etc, but all failed to help her. Patient complained her hot flashes 20-30 times a day, with sweating, palpitation, shortness of breath, fatigue, insomnia, and lost her concentration. Patient had red tongue with thin yellowish coating, wiry soft pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: neiguan, shengmen, taiyang, guanyuan, qihai, xuehai, yinlingquan, zusanli, yanglingquan, sanyinjiao, taixi, Xingjian, taichong.

Chinese herbs: zhi-bo-di-huang-wan, dan-zhi-xiao-yao-wan, sheng-jing-shuai-ru-yang-xin-cha.

2nd visit, April 29, 2002. Patient claimed she was getting better after last treatment, she got a solid sleeping, decreased hot flashes, sweating and palpitation, and energy level was getting better.

Treatment: the same as 1st visit.

10th visit, May 30, 2002. Patient was satisfied with the result, everything is getting better and easy manageable.

Treatment: Chinese herbs for maintaining results.

Case 14. 2 Years Migraine with 4 Years Neck Pain
1st visit, September 16/03. Miss M had been suffering from neck pain 4 years and migraine 2 years. Patient was referred from chiropractor. Patient complained she had tight muscle around neck, upper and lower back, huge and constant pressure on skull, nausea, bad sleeping. Patient had pale red tongue with thin white coating, wiry and weak pulse.

Acupuncture: hegu, fengchi, shengmen, fengfu, jianzhongshu, jianwaishu, jianjing, bingfeng, tianzhong, shengshu, qihaishu, dachangshu, weizhong, kunlun, sanyinjiao.

Chinese herbs: pain spray, zheng-tian-wan.

TDP, massage.

7th visit, October 8/03. Patient felt migraine and tight muscle was getting better, but still intermittent onset, and complained on shoulder blades there were two points each side which always have stuck pain there and caused the neck pain and migraine.

Acupuncture treatment: the same acupuncture as before.

Bloodletting therapy: on pains points, took 5-10 ml blood out.

8th visit, Oct 10/05. Patient stated that whole back and neck pain were getting much better, no migraine at all which had never been happened last two years, patient was getting better sleeping and energy.

Treatment: acupuncture with Chinese herbs for maintenance.

Case 15. 12 Years Upper back Pain (fractured disc and vertebra)
1st visit, Oct 25/2002. Mrs. B, has been suffering from upper back pain over 12 years. The pain caused by MVA 12 years ago. From x-ray and MRI exam MD found her has fractured discs and vertebra at T5-7. Patient was taking T3 for pain control; currently her pain level was 9-10/10, she had to take 18 tablets of T3 a day to manage the pain. Meanwhile patient complained nausea and vomiting because of pain and huge does of T3. Patient had tight muscle along the middle spine T2-12.The pain was aggravated by activity, angry and depression, weather changes, and menstruation. Patient had dry mouth, dark yellow urine, insomnia and constipation, red tongue with purple spots, yellowing coating, wiry and deep pulse.

Acupuncture treatment: feishu, pohu, gaohuang, jueyinshu, shengzhu, shengdao, lingtai, zhiyang, geshu, geguan, xinshu, shengtang, yixi, weizhong, yanglingguan, kunlun, shengmai.

Bloodletting therapy: pain points, draw 5-10 ml blood out.

Chinese herbs: pain spray, zhuang-gu-bai-tong-wan, di-da-yao-wang.

2nd visit, Oct 26/2002. Patient stated her pain was getting big improvement after yesterday treatment, today she only took 3 tablets T3 for pain, and her nausea and vomiting was much decreasing.

Treatment: the same acupuncture and herbs as yesterday.

3rd visit, Nov 4/2002. Patient was very happy that her pain was very mild today only 0-2 /10, no T3 and no nausea and vomiting in morning, she had very good sleeping and she was getting more energy.

Treatment: the same acupuncture and herbs as before for maintenance.

Case 16. 20 years chronic stomach pain with 5 days acute diarrhea
1st visit, April 7/2005. Mr. S. had been suffering from chronic stomach pain over 20 years, intermittent onset. 5 days ago he suffered from acute stomach pain with watery diarrhea, 4-5 times a day, bloating, fatigue, dark yellow urine. Patient had pale red tongue with yellowish thin coating.

Acupuncture treatment: zhongwan, shuidao, shuifeng, tianshu, guanyuan, qihai, zusanli, sanyinjiao, gongsun.

Chinese herb tea: huanglian, huangqing, muxiang, chengpi, fuling, banxia, pugongying, baijiangchao, shanyao, baishao, baizhu, dafupi, zhiganchao.

2nd visit, April 11, 2005. Patient felt that stomach pain was getting much better, decreased diarrhea, 2-3 times a day, soft loss stool, energy was getting better.

Treatment: the same acupuncture and herb tea as 1st visit.

3rd visit, April 13/2005. Patient claimed his stomach pain was occasionally happened, mild and short duration, regular bowel movement, once a day, formed stool.

6th visit, April 27/2005. Patient was happy that he did not have any pain, everything was fine. Acupuncture treatment and Chinese herb pills were for maintenance.

Case 17. 50 years chronic low back pain and knee pain
1st visit, September 13/2005. Mr. X, had been suffering from lower back pain over 50 years. Patient claimed his low back pain started since he was 20 years old due to labor work. Intermittent pain was aggravated by weather changes and long time standing or walking. Patient tried many remedies which just temporally helped. Patient’s low back pain was mostly on right side at joints of L3-5, and right SI joint. Patient had red crack tongue with less coating, slippery pulse with weak Chi part.

Acupuncture treatment: mingmen, shenshu, yaoyangguan, dachangshu, a’shi points, zhibian, weizhong, kunlun, shenmai, shugu.

Bloodletting therapy: weizhong, a’shi pain points.

Chinese herbs: jian-bu-zhuang-gu-wan, zhuang-gu-bai-tong-wan, long-dan-xie-gan-wan.

10th visit, Oct 3/2005. Patient stated his low back pain was getting much better, walking 1 hour without any pain, both knees pain were disappeared. Patient had a good energy.

Treatment: maintaining results by acupuncture and Chinese herbs: zhi-bo-di-huang-wan, si-teng-su-pian, zhuang-gu-bai-tong-wan.

Following up several months, patient stated he did not have any low back pain.

Case 18. Facial Paralysis (Bals Palsy)
1st visit: April 22, 2008. Mrs K complained her left side of face were paralysis for 2 weeks, with watering, pink and aching eyes, difficult to close the left eye, numbness, weakness in left face, and difficult to open and chew food. She had dry mouth, regular bowel movement. Ex: middle age lady with red face, difficulty to close left eye, the mouth deviated to the right when make smiles. Red tongue with yellowish coating, slippery pulse.

Dx: liver meridian heat and damp, the qi and blood was blocked.

Treatment: acupuncture to clean up heat and damp, activate the paralyzed facial nerve net. Chinese herbs to clean the liver’s heat and damp, and dispel the wind and promote blood circulation

3rd visit, April 26, patient felt getting better without pink and aching watering left eye, functionally the same as before. Tongue coating is becoming white color, pulse became softer. Keep the same treatment strategy.

6th visit, May 10, patient felt some movement around left eyelid and left mouth, tongue and pulse were getting normal without heat and damp. Acupuncture treatment was to try to activate the damaged facial nerve by electric acupuncture, plus Chinese herbs to promote energy and blood circulation to help healing process.

20 visit, June 24, 100% recovered from Bals palsy, patient was very happy. A little bit stiff feeling around left face. Continue taking Chinese herbs for another one month.

Case 19. Infertility, lower back pain
1st visit, April 12, 2008 , Lady X, 35 years. She has a pretty girl 3 years old. She complained lower back pain off and on been 2 years, recently the sore back was getting worse, meanwhile she also tried get pregnant again in last 2 years, but no result.

Ex: slim and tall lady, left lower back close to L4 L5 press tender, and centre of left hip also tender. Regular menstruation, medium bleeding, normal vagina mucous during ovulation, slight cramping during period, regular bowel movement, dark yellow urine in morning, little bit dry mouth in morning, normal red tongue with yellowing greasy tongue coating, tight wiry pulse.

Diagnosis: liver meridian heat and damp which cause the blockage of qi and blood flow.

Treatment: acupuncture plus Chinese herbs.

Prescription: acupuncture points: taichong, sanyinjiao, yanglingquan, yinlingquan, zhibian, huantiao, dachangsu, xiaochangsu, shangliao, zhongliao.

Chinese herbs: tong-zheng-jiao-nang ,5#, twice daily with diet, long-dan-xie-gan-wan, 8#, tree times daily.

May 15th, 2008, patient informed me that her back pain is much better, also she got pregnant. She is very happy.

Case 20. Infertility after miscarriage
1st visit, Nov 12, 2006. Lady Y, 29 years old. She complained the condition of miscarriage happened 3 months ago, and tried another acupuncture therapist in the city. Currently she felt everything is ok, period just reappeared last month, it lasted 3 days, with medium bleeding, blood clots inside, mild cramping, low energy, anxious for pregnant, and a little bit stress from work condition.

Ex: overweight lady, no specific significant conditions, regular bowel movement, no dry mouth, sleeping is good, energy is fine, pale red tongue with thin white coating, slippery and weak pulse. Diagnosis: spleen and kidney yang insufficiency, which cause difficulty of growing mutual eggs, and also because overweight body general has phlegm inside may block the pathway of egg entering into uterus leading to infertility.

Treatment: acupuncture plus moxibustion, and also take bloodletting therapy to promote blood circulation, Chinese herbs to enhance kidney and spleen Yang, meanwhile, put her on weight loss program to clean up phlegm.

After 2 months treatment, she told me that her pregnant test is positive. And get a boy after 9 months.

Case 21. Male infertility with sore low back
1st visit, 24th Oct, 2007. Gentlemen G, 32 year old. He complained his sore lower back been for 4 years, worse in the morning, and night sweating almost everyday. Low energy, dark yellow urine in morning, dry mouth, and his wife did not get pregnant since been married 2 years. He said his semen test is abnormal with lower volume of semen, low amount of sperm, and liquefaction time was over 30 min, high deformity of sperm, and some white cells in it. He said his wife also has some cramping during period.

Ex: Slim person, L4-5 area tender, red tongue with yellowing greasy coating, wiry and slippery pulse.

Dx: liver and kidney heat and damp, which cause the sore of lower back, dry mouth, dark yellow urine, and night sweating.

Treatment: acupuncture to clear up heat and damp, Chinese herb to enhance kidney function to promote vital Qi, and to increase the quality of semen.

After 2 weeks treatment, his back pain was getting better, his wife got pregnant, but only 10 days after that miscarriage happened.

Keep treatment on the husband and also give the treatment to his wife for another 4 weeks, they told me they were going back to their country for Xmas.

After new year, they came back, the gentlemen told me his wife got pregnant and it had been 4 weeks already, and due day would be around August of this year.

Case 22. Infertility with endometriosis
1st visit, August 23rd , 2005. Pretty young lady, 25 years old, suffered from endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome for 5 years, she complained she had huge cramping and pain on head and behind eyeball before every period, which bleeding is very heavy, with lots of blood clots, dark red color. She always feels cold, she like warmth, no dry mouth, regular vagina mucous. After period, her pain and headache would be getting relief. Her energy was low, sleeping was not good. She had regular bowel movement.

Ex.: very tender around abdominal area, outstanding vein around both temples and behind her knees, pale red tongue with white coating, wiry but weak pulse.

Dx: liver and kidney insufficiency of yang qi, with blood stasis blocked around uterus and ovary, as well as meridians around head.

Treatment: acupuncture 3 times a week to manage kidney and liver qi and blood, and promote blood circulations; Chinese herbs to enhance yang qi of kidney and regulate qi and blood flow of liver. Also bloodletting therapy applied for her headache and eyeball pain

After around 3 months treatment, her pain was manageable, and decreased amount of bleeding and cramping during period. Before Xmas, she told me her BBT was maintain very high, it was her first early pregnancy, but unfortunately she spent 8 hours driving back home for Xmas which lead to miscarriage happened.